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therapeutic vr design

In 2018 James and Fiona Emley co-created an immersive meditation app called KameaVR, which was rated as one of the top 5 meditation apps by VR Insider. With a high level of interest in meditation apps online, we decided that an immersive virtual reality experience with spatial audio design and chakra clearing modalities is a highly needed solution in today's frantic world:

Welcome to KameaVR. This virtual healing meditation experience will guide you into an introspective realm to teach you the seven major energy centers of the human body and how to replenish them. This visually pleasing, musically vibrant, and relaxing app will help to cleanse each of the seven chakras and help them resonate through vibrant colors, chants, symbols, and healing sound currents. The soothing voice will pull you into a deep, trance-like state of ultimate relaxation, while the experience will guide you to a world of inner beauty and calm.

With KameaVR you will learn about the true nature of chakras, which are each represented by a particular color, resonating sound, and symbol. The app also explains why it is important to bring them back into balance. This healing experience aims to support and rediscover a balanced flow of energy throughout your entire body, and each twenty minute meditation will lead you on a journey towards self-improvement, insight, healing, and regeneration. 

                        Reach your highest self with KameaVR. Adventurous spirit required. 


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