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Musician, Designer, educator


An experienced Learning Designer and Data Analyst with 18 years experience working in high tech, California public schools, and the Hawaiian private school systems. My expertise lies in the integration of dynamic media presentations by combining data visualizations, machine learning, and immersive technologies to connect with stakeholders. I am recognized for conveying highly technical information through an easily interpretive, yet impactful format with dashboards and multimedia programs.

Having received my Post-Graduate Certification from University of Texas in AI / ML, I am interested in applying data analytics and machine learning models towards student retention of learned knowledge while using immersive VR technology to create spatial learning experiences that are fun and engaging.

With original film score credits on 2 feature length films, 5 shorts, and two web series, I develop a strong emotional motif to the story characters. In 2018 Fiona Emley and I have co-created an immersive meditation app called KameaVR, which was rated as one of the top 5 meditation apps by VR Insider

Music is my portal

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