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High Priestess Dream

Rocker Science

Cinema 4D / CC3

Release Date: 2022

Cerebral Dimensions

Rigging and Background texturing using Character Creator 3 and iClone7 for animations, while utilizing the Live Link interface for customized animations using Kinect IR System. All texturing and rendering created with Octane Renderer plug-in within C4D. 

C4D + iClone 7 


Multiple character movement animations were placed in sequence within iClone to generate the predetermined dance moves of the high priestess dancer. The rigged character was them transferred into Cinema 4D to create the background setting. 


Alternate character dressings of the high priestess dancer were also swapped out within the Character Creator 3 program. Various types of body stucture, skin quality, facial mapping, and hair type are all easily customizable and rendered from a photo.

Additionally, different types of lighting scenarios can be placed around the subject for added realism. These avatars can be placed in an outside scene for more diffused lighting or an indoor scene for a much sharper and contrasted lighting situation. The lighting, when added to the final render in iRay (with additional Bloom) can give a highly dynamic imaging to the customized avatar. 

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