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Rocker Science Intro

Rocker Science

Hitfilm Pro / Ableton 

Release Date: 2019

Rocker Science

E-learning introduction video was composited using Hitfilm Pro, while special F/X sequences were added in the beginning of video to make various aspects of the demo stand out. Sound design was added for additional impact by using Sony Vegas bus mixers, and music was composited in Ableton Live. Fractured "Rocker Science" texture was generated in Cinema 4D.

Multiple FX composites were used within the FX Generator of Hitfilm Pro. This scene involved adding a "noise" texture to the plane, which created a icy ground with a black background. 2 point lights were added a children to a parent rotating light, and the animation was keyframed with multiple virtual cameras for different points of view.

This title image was generated within C4D with the "Voronoi" fracture generator. Various animated parameters were used to give a fracture effect for added impact, and multiple area lights flanked the side of the title image. The metallic index was increased, while the roughness index was decreased significantly to give a reflective look. 

This graphical icon was developed in Canva with a transparent background and brought into Hitfilm Pro as a transparent PNG file. Additional glow F/X were added to the outer rings of the icon, and the background was left transparent to blend in with the glowing orbs. 

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