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Out of Time Trailer

Arcane Pacific

Unreal Engine 5

Release Date: 2023

Topanga Cyn, CA

Proof of Concept scene animation for Arcane Pacific release of "Fed to the Dead" feature film. Environmental design inspired by the scorched Earth conditions left over from the Woolsey / Topanga Canyon fires in the summer of 2018. Animations and rigging created with Unreal Engine, Character Creator, and Maxmo Rigging. 

Unreal Engine Animation


Multiple image cuts were made using the new and improved Cinematic Sequence Editor. Through the virtual camera editor, I was able to change camera type to a 16:9 ratio and introduce low aperture FOV to the camera shots for greater perspective. 

Nanite optimization is introduced within the wireframe to analysis to import ultra HD movie ready assets into scenes without needing to bake assets into lower polygonal models.

Lightmapping density view is analyzed to understand the number of dynamic models (in this case swaying trees) that will populate the landscape and cause FPS slow-down issues. 

Additional unlit texturing was analyzed before adding various exponential fog within the scene for a clear understanding of the ACES standardization of color integration. In addition, animated dust particle simulation was composited in the "foot scene" for added realism. For final compositing, Bloom and 5-star Bokeh flares were added to the fire Niagara FX for added dramatic tension. 

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