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KameaVR Grounding

Rocker Science


Release Date: 2018

Los Angeles, CA

The "Grounding Room" sequence within the KameaVR app is used to center the multiple chakra centers of the user. This is the "portal" sequence before advancing to any of the meridian centers within the immersive simulation. This was a collaboration between James and Fiona Emley and released to SteamPowered  market in 2018.

Unity VR Modeling


The Tree of Life had the most amount of polygon density within this scene. It was important that all the assets in the scene were all connected within the scene, while each chakra was vertically aligned.

By analyzing the Global Illumination visualizer, it was important to determine the amount of depth within the tree, so additional spotlights were added to give clarity to the purple leaves.

Because the entire connected asset collection was floating in a space environment, it was important to add a propulsive jet of energy to add some logic. 

Additional particle FX were added to the chakra movements throughout the animation sequence, and all this was meticulously synchronized to the guiding voice of Fiona Emley. This grounding room was the foundation of the informational aspect of the healing modalities. Because this section focused on the 3rd Eye Chakra, it was important to begin with the tones and colors that tap into this important meridian.

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