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KameaVR Teaser

Rocker Science


Release Date: 2018

Los Angeles, CA

This is the teaser auxiliary video sequence for the VR meditation app titled "KameaVR." This immersive therapy app was designed by James and Fiona Emley as an inward healing journey in sight and sound through a virtual reality experience. Voted as the "Top 5 Fitness VR Apps" (2018) by the VR Fitness Insider. Created with Unity3D engine. 

Unity VR Modeling


By analyzing the scene with a Wireframe Visualizer, it was important to understand the polygon density of the scene. It was important to keep the density of the water geometry simplified to keep the FPS rate as high as possible to prevent latency in the scene. 

It was important to make the outer-space ocean as blue as possible, while maintaining an idea that icebergs may exist on this desolate and beautiful alien world. An opaque solid blue plane was added underneath the animated water layer to give an additional aqua-blue depth to the water base. 

Plenty of C# programming was added to the scene for additional customization of the animated assets. For example, this "fade-out" public script was added to various black planes, so a nice scene fade-in and fade-out created a nice transitions in and out of each scene. Tranquility and smooth fades were critical to keep the user within a meditative state that synced up nicely with the guiding audio. 

Finally, additional fog height assets and bloom assets were added for additional surreal effects. Additionally, it was important for the reflection of the chakra to be reflected in the water layer, while this was also partly obscured with the fog height. 


Additional "Easter Egg" assets were placed throughout the scenes for users who were interested in exploring various sections of the meditation experience. 

It our ultimate goal to create a sense of wonder and awe for the user, while we alway ended each therapeutic session with a simple instruction to go out into the world and be a guiding light for others. 

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