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Kammersion UX 

Rocker Science

Cinema 4D

Release Date: 2018

Los Angeles, CA

Proof of Concept design animation for full immersion VR therapy chamber.  Components of subharmonic-driven technology involve Subpac, olfactory distribution, and conforming silica gel body support.

Cinema 4D Animation


Multiple textures were created using the normal C4D procedural reflective and diffusion layers. Emissive properties were also introduced for flexible tube lights placed within the Kammerion Pod.

Wireframe visualization was used to understand how the subdivision modifiers were represented within each asset. This added to the flexibility of the "Subpac" asset placed within the pod along with the hard rubber diffusion of the floating VR goggles. 

Textures were applied to the various models, and additional "sheen" was given to the outside covering of the Kammersion Pod. The material created for the outer liner was analogous to a rubber mat. 

A classic folded backdrop was introduced and generated using a "bend" modifier within the program. A simple but effective splash light was added to the backdrop for additional perceived depth. A final "Bloom" FX was added to the final composite animation within the Hitfilm Pro Compositing program, and subtle light flares were also added for additional stylized taste. 

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