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UX Timepiece Design

Rocker Science

Cinema 4D

Release Date: 2021

Los Angeles

Time piece and gear animations derived from student inspiration and their high school robotics team application of excellence of the 2021 Los Angeles Chairman Award. The animation piece centered around the Instructional Technology Initiative article titled, "The Journey of Becoming a Robo-Nerd." within LA Unified School District.     

Cinema 4D Animation


I imported a basic chronograph 3D model from Sketchfab with a large amount of intricate gears inside for complex animations.

Using basic illustrious and high reflective materials, I aimed at creating gold and silver materials for the time piece. 

3-point lighting system was added to give the time piece additional depth and contrast with the inner metal gears. 

Multiple colors were added to the metal gears to further separate the inner gears from the outer gears while maintaining the illustrious reflection of the time piece. An additional fog background was added as a second layer within C4D, and a general "Bloom" grade layer was also added within the Hitfilm Pro Composite. 

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