As a certified STEAM (Science Technology Engineering Arts Math) teacher within the LAUSD, I am bringing User Experience Design, Virtual Reality, Augmented Reality, Makerbot 3D Printing, Unity3D and coding techniques into my CS program. Furthermore, I am currently affiliated as a facilitator with the national movement to expand CS skills to students of all grade levels K-12.


Students progress through the steps of UX Design experience.


Ideation -> Sketch -> 3D Design -> Prototype -> Publishing








3D Immersion is a powerful new way of designing from within the student virtual workspace. It allows for more movement, freedom, and levels of expression. Utilizing the Donor's Choose social fundraising site, I raised enough money to purchase an HTC Vive VR system for the students to use Google Block and Tilt Brush.

Google Blocks Design

This is a screencast showing the relative speed of understanding when students create 3D objects within a virtual space from their sketches using the Google Blocks and Autodesk 123D Design programs. The HTC Vive has opened entirely novel, engaging, and kinesthetic design approaches within the classroom. 

Science Totally Rules 

This music video was written and produced in collaboration with Jimmy Mastandrea as part of the educational series "Buckalope Elementary." Since its posting on Youtube, numerous schools across the country have adopted it and personalized their own version of the video to excite students towards science education.